Breakups 💔

Hey guys 👋IVE MISSED YOU SO SO SO SO MUCHHH♥️I’m really sorry but stupid Felix here forgot her password 🤦🏼‍♀️I’m very very stupid sometimes (often actually) ANYWAYYYY I’ve got loads and loads and LOADSS of news for you guys 😝First if it’s mine and Autumn boys 2 months anniversary 🎊🎊🎊It’s been a very very good two months ☺️Secondly Emma’s broken up with her boyfriend 😓Can I hear an awhhh 🙁So guys seeing how gutted Emma is I thought I’d write a bit of an advice column thingy about breakups 💔

Well first BREAK UPS SUCK 🖤Trust me I’ve had enough to know about it…you feel like someone who you put SO MUCH TRUST into has thrown it all away 🖕Especially if this person has quickly moved on (cough cough Emma’s Boyfriend) it doesn’t seem bothered 😴Trust me I know it HURTS but let me tell you something ♥️Ears open ? IT GETS BETTER 😆I promise 🤞I promise it does in time you realise that the person is a useless paper clip who deserves no more of your tears 👋Especially if your makeup is being cried of that shit is expensive 💸Like seriously Ed Sheeran doesn’t even know who they are they aren’t worth your tears🦋So do you know what I want you to do ❓Allow yourself grieving time ♥️eat as much chocolate ice cream as you want , watch as much Netflix as you need listen to as much fall out boy and ed Sheeran until you can’t get him/her out of your head 😝as much grieving as you want 🖤But then show that twatwaffle what they are missing 😏I usually start working out after a breakup so I want you to compete to be the best damn looking ex he/she has ever had ♥️Walk into the room and make there jaw D R O P 😮But never ever ever ever let them back into your life -they’ve messed you about once they’ll do it again 👍Never trust a player your just another piece of their game 🦁Find someone who makes your ex go I CAN NEVER COMPETE WITH HIM 😉And remember I’m always here for you guys 🖇Any advice you know where to find me😘

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Hello I’m back thank you for all the concerned messages but I didn’t die 😵I FORGOT MY PASSWORD 😳Rookie mistake I know I completely forgot and I just came across a note with my passwords on so I’m back💗What have you guys been up to while I’ve been paniking about my passwords 🙊I’ve come up with a new challenge which is kindness everyday challenge where …you got it you perform a kind act everyday Ill keep you updated ❤️LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE Vienna ❤️🍂


Heyy so I know I didn’t post yesterday so I’m posting twice today 😂Hope that makes up for it I’m really really sorry ❤️My inbox have been flooded with emails about AUTUMN BOY 💌You guys love him as much as I do 🎉But it’s better than you sending death threats 🤣So you want to know some more details about him I GET IT 😊But seeing as this is an anonymous blog this might be a bit of a problem 😔But you know me I’ll try my best 😂Soooo details …He’s the same age as me (exactly we are born on the exact same day the 29th February leap years babies 🐸)we met at the place were we both spend most of out time and we used to spend 3 hours a day sat next to each other ❤️AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT I DIDNT LIKE HIM THEN 😱Weird isn’t it he was right infront of me and I didn’t see it 🙈At the time I liked a boy who was a dick who happened to be his mate as well🍍I sat next to Autumn boy and his grin cheered me up 😁He was amazing then I saw him after his first Heartbreak💔That’s the day I realised I liked him I hated seeing him hurting…and I didn’t care about pineapple anymore I cared about him☺️I think I liked Autumn boy  but didn’t know it cause my vision was clouded by that dick 💨So yeah and looks well how can I really describe him …Gorgeous is that enough ❓So well yeah I think that’s all I can say apart from the usual he’s amazing and I love him to bits ❤️And I’m very very lucky to have him 🙈Any more questions you know where to contact me ⚡️

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love you loads Vienna🍂


Heyyy guys so recently I’ve been getting allot of messages about inspiration and who inspires me ?🙊Well I’ve been keeping quiet because apart from the obvious people of Emma , Autumn boy and Peeta (read previous post)❤️I have MANYYY INSPIRATIONS 🎶There’s quite a few celebrities that inspire me I’m DEFINITELY a bit of a vintage girl  💋So Marily Monroe is big for me she’s so classy yet so so so pretty 💄Also I’m a massive music girl you rarely see me without my headphones in so Taylor Swift , Ed Sheeran and of course my boys the vamps ✌️They are just so energetic it’s just yeah my goal in life but pretty much anyone who’s Kind , Classy and doesn’t let anyone bring them down (LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO 🐍❤️)Yep I think that’s about it …but wait I’m missing something important YOU GUYS 🙊🙊🙊Of course you guys I inspire to inspire you guys so I hope I’m doing that 💋Any more question💡

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lots of Love Vienna ❤️🍂

Rape and consent

I’m going to start this blog with a very strong message one you might not of heard before because it is seen as such a tabooed subject … this is my story


“yes I agreed to go into the car yes I agreed to talk …no I did not give you permission to tie me to a steering wheel and break me down until  I felt like nothing , like I wasn’t worth anything , that I couldn’t talk to the people that meant most to me because I was ashamed …No I did not give you permission to take advantage of me sobbing on the floor .No I did not give you permission to trace my features with a knife and scare me until I was a shaking sobbing mess …Yes I agreed to meet up with you but I didn’t agree to be harmed in any way so don’t use that as an exscuse “

You see my loyal readers everyday people of all ages are harrased whether that’s full scale harassment like mine was or catcalling walking down the pavement it’s still harassment if you feel insecure and scared by another human being that isn’t right …What’s more many of these that’s go free so I want you all to listen to me loud and clear …if someone is making you feel scared or uncomfortable please report them or it could turn into a much biggger problem if someone’s touching you inappropriately just say no , taht word enough should be enough for them to stop okay ❤️what has happened isn’t shameful or wrong your a boss for dealing with it and not giving in ❤️I’m here for you all thank you for being here for me if you need any advice you know where to fine me ❤️Thank you 🙏

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lots of love Vienna 🍂

Question time continued ☺️

Helllooooo I’m back for the second time today 😉Yep you should be very very proud because I’ve got such good feedback from P1 I decided to do a Part 2❤️That and I’ve got flu and it was a VERYY bad idea to leave my bed today because now I’ve welcomed back my best friend the migrane 😴SOO the question today’s chosen by the amazing Maria_Robertsapple is ‘whats your favourite thing about Autumn boy 🍁’ VERY VERY HARD QUESTION Maria well there’s many many things I love about him …if I had to pick a single thing it would probably be the fact he can light my day up with one word or text 💡Or the fact I can trust him with anything ANYTHING like some very very exciting things that should be happening in the future and he’s one of the only people I’ve told ❤️Or the fact I can be 💯% truthful and honest around him and don’t feel like I have to change to be good enough for him … don’t get my wrong I’m still amazed someone so so perfect is mine and sometimes feel like I’m not good enough for him but… I can tell him that💫And not Keep secrets from him 🙊Like you guys 😊never thought I’d find someone who fully supportive of my blog but he is he loves you guys as much as me 😉SO PLEASE STOP SENDING HIM THREATS HES LOVELY I PROMISE❤️Got any more questions you want me to answer you know where to find me 😽❤️

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lots of love Vienna 🍂

Question time ☺️

Heyy guys so I thought since I’m bringing back allot of old trends into the blog I should being back an old favourite QUESTION TIME 🎉 For you new readers question time is when a reader emails me a question and I do my best to answer it 👏Okay so this one was from the beautiful Annabelle_Summers101 ☀️ Which read ‘I’m so glad you’ve found Autumn boy he seems really nice give him my kindest regards I was going to ask what do you do to cheer yourself up after a hard day 💫Lots of love Your favourite reader Annabelle ❤️” Well Annabelle after a long long day I usually get home and play some really loud music usually some feel good Vamps , Ed Sheeran ,Olly Murs but it has to be good I have a ban against sad songs 🎶 I then usually practice a bit of my dance routine because I need all my focus on the moves and it stops worries from circling around my head so it’s very good 😊 By this time I’ve probably text Emma or Autumn boy🍁Which automaticly brightens my day up They have SERIOUS powers ⚡️ And of course I write a blog cause you guys always cheer me up ☺️So yeah friends , music ,dance , blog my 4 favourite things ☺️Question answered 👏Email me more questions at for a chance to see you featuring on my next post ❤️Oh yeah AND THANK YOU FOR 300 views it’s crazy I love you guys YOUR AMAZING 😉

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Autumn boy 🍁

1 post a day told you I was active readers😜Anyway I promised a post about AUTUMN BOY and seeing as I shared everything else I might as well share this ❤️You know me well readers you know I love to include a vamps quote well this boy is so special he has a whole song …Remeber Risk it all ? 😻Amazing vamps song from a bit ago about how it feels amazing to be with someone who’s so amazing you can’t believe .THEY.ACTUALLY.LIKE.YOU… THATS AUTUMN BOYS SONG 🍁He’s amazing ridiculously perfect you can’t begin to imagine and I promise he’s not a dick 😂Not a pineapple or a bobblehat boy or even a chipmunk (if you don’t understand read before lists about before boyfriend/crushes 🍍)This one is really really really nice I promise ❤️And he’s found out stuff about me (cough cough eating disorder looking at you) and he still likes me …lucky or lucky? 🍀 So ill keep you updated but … say hello to one of the most important people in my life ❤️❤️❤️And Emma cause I know you’ll shout 😂So does anyone else have any news to tell me about boys or girls of the future ?😉Let me know at ❤️


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lots of love Vienna 🍂